Pecha Kucha

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Pecha Kucha Nights

2008 – 2011

Pecha Kucha originated in Tokyo in 2003. Devised by architecture firm Klein Dytham it was a concept devised to enable designers to share their thoughts and ideas. Aware of their inordinate ability to waffle a strict time frame was introduced of 20 slides for 20 seconds each. While possessing a truly global appeal the ability to adapt and customise the event has made each Pecha Kucha individual and rooted in its locale. It is the collective, eclectic nature of the speakers that set the tone.

Pecha Kucha Night is not for profit and running in over 300 cities globally.

Illustrations © Stuart White


Sarah Munro
Scott Myles
Erica Eyres
Torsten Lauschmann
Neil Bickerton
Thea Stevens
Muscles of Joy
David Shrigley
Luke Collins
Fiona Jardine
Kendall Koppe
Martin Clark
Nicolas Party
Roanne Dods
Laura Aldridge
Laurence Figgis
Gregor Wright
Ciara Phillips
Steven Cairns
Michelle Hannah
Ginny Hutchison
Deirdre Nelson
Mick Peter
Kate Davis
David Sherry
Ruth Barker
Alex Pollard
Iain Hetherington
Beatrice Colin
Rob Churm
Nick Ross
Tam Dean Burn
Rosalind Masson
Nick Evans
Gráinne Rice
Gail Tolley
Stewart Laing
Pamela Carter
Ross Sinclair
Bryony McIntyre
Barry Essen
Jessica Ashman
Nick Fells
Dave Fenessy
Rohan Gunatillake
Kirsty Logan
Stuart MacDonald
Julia Malle
Toby Patterson
Charles Blanc
Tristan Surtees
Roy Shearer
Hanna Tuulikki
James Rigler
Emlyn Firth
Ellie Herring
Suzy Glass
Ryan Thompson
Brian Proudfoot
Neil McGuire
Tom Warren
Nicholas Oddy
Laura Spring
Rosemary James
Oliver Braid
Ross McLean
Angharad McLaren
Mark Donaldson
Andrew Cattanach
Camille Le Houezec
Jocelyn Villemont
Anthony Shrag
Rachel Maclean
Bob McCaffrey
Danny Saunders